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Anita's Music Inc.

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Audio Tape Prices:

Items listed under 15m=$5ech         16-80m= $10ech 

81-99m= $11ech          100-120m= $14ech      121m+ up=$15ech

Items without time are $10ech           

CD Prices:

Items listed under 15m=$5ech         16-80m= $12ech

81-99m= $13ech        100-120m= $16ech     121m+ up=$17ech

Items without time are $12ech      Jewel cases=$1 ech

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All Audio Quality is A, unless listed as B, B-, or C-

Audios: Demos, Concerts, Interviews & EPs

AC DC- B Sides & Outtakes, 50m

            London, ‘79, 90m


San Francisco, Ca.,1-24-86

Rock in A Hard Place outtakes, 40m

Permanent Vacation Demos, ‘86, 90m

Largo, ‘78, 75m (c+ sound quality)

Fargo, ND. 6-5-93, 80m

Boston, MA.3.28.78

Joe Perry Project- live ‘80s, 15m

Alternative sampler- 7sgs.

Angel- SM, Ca. 7-24-76, 20m

Anthrax- Ca, ‘95, 40m

Babes in Toyland- Modern Rock live & int, ‘95

Bad Company- live 12.13.93, 80m

Badlands- New Haven,CT, ‘89, 80m

Bad English- Wichita, KS. 11-17-89, 80m

Asphalt Ballet- Demo, 3 sgs.

Bang Tango- Reno, NV., 6-27-91, 45m

Pat Benatar- Austin, TX. ‘80, 45m

Black Sabbath- Cam., Ca. 11-15-92, 80m

Bon Jovi-

Slippery When Wet Demo,’86, 80m

Paris, FR. 12-1-90, 25m

New Jersey Demo, ‘88, 70m

Hammersmith Odeon, 120m

Rare, Live & Acoustic, 45m

Demos, 16m

Power Station Demos, ’81, 90m

Bonus trks.,20m

Demo,2sgs:Borderline, Love Is War

Richie Sambora-

          SITT Demos, ’91, 80m

         San Diego, Ca.11-16- 91, 70m

Christian Metal Promo, 60m- Stryper, Barren Cross, Shout, more.


Demos, ‘83, 60m

Tor, Can. ‘88, 60m

Stockholm, Swe. ‘88, 80m

Alice Cooper- Pa. Int,’94, 10m

              Saginaw, mi. ‘78, 75m

Cult- Kitchener, Ont. 8-18-87, 140m

Danger Danger-

Japan, ‘92, 90m

Int. ‘91, 90m

Glenn Danzig-

Love Phones, ‘94, 90m

John w/ Peter Steele of TON- Phila. ‘94, 15m

Best of Danzig & Misfits, 90m

Death Abounds Mix, 15 sg. Death Metal EP

Def Leppard-

Sheffield, Eng. ‘93, 90m

First Strike Demos, 35m

Rare Live, 75m

Queens Hall, UK. 4-20-88, 90m

Demos w/ Lep & more, 30m

Joe Diffie- live, ‘93, 30m

Dio- Milwaukee, WI. 8-10-94, 75m

Divinyls- live 15m


Unreleased live, 35m

Bandstand ‘84, 12m

Detroit, MI. ‘88, 35m

Beat Club, Germany, ‘82, 45m

Flensburg, Ger. 11-17-79, 55m (c+ quality)

Tokyo, 4-30-88, 100m

Demo (German), ‘83, 30m

Back in the Streets, ‘80, 30m

Iowa, 5-26-86, 55m

Hollywood, Ca. ‘89, 35m

One Night Live, ‘94, 40m

Tokyo, Japan, ‘95, 105m

Lancaster, Pa. 1-2-97, 90m

Wichita, KS. 2-24-88, 50m

Hollywood, Ca. ‘86, 20m

Milwaukee, WI. Live, 25m

Don Dokken- Int. Pa., ‘91, 12m                      

                        Osaka, Japan '91, 90m

Lynch Mob- Wicked Sensation Promo, 10m

                    Bethlehem, Pa. ‘91, 60m                

                    Milwaukee, WI. 2.20.91

Dream Theatre- London, 4-23-93, 45m

Electric Angels-

Demo, ‘88

Boston, MA., 1-23-92, 45m

Enuff Z’Nuff-

Demo, ‘85, 20m

Mega Mix, 60m

Bonus trks. ,10m

Every Mothers Nightmare- Knoxville, TN. 12-9-95, 50m

Faster Pussycat-

Belt, Buckled & Bruised, 20m

Live Japan, 20m

Remixes, 20m

Live & Rare

Demos, ‘85, 15m

Demos, ‘86, 45m

Whipped Outtakes, 15m

B Sides, 15m

Firehouse- Somerset, MI. ‘93, 40m

Foghat- live, ‘94, 35m

Foreigner- NYC, 12-27-92, 20m

Mark Free- Paris, FR. 10-10-93, 60m

Giuffria- Tokyo, ‘85, 50m, w/int.

Great White-

Marquee, 80s, 41m

Osaka, Japan, ‘91, 100m

In Concert, 9-27-93, 45m

Live NY, 40m (Japanese release)

Live London, 40m (Japanese release)

Blue ep, 40m

Guns n Roses-

Demo ‘85, 45

Demos ‘87, 90m

Illusion Demos, ‘91, 80m

Some Kinda Orange Bootleg, 90m

Patience Bootleg, 90m

Phila, Pa. ‘91, 155m

Stockholm, Swe. ‘91, 105m


Seattle, WA. ‘92, 50m

Tor, Can. ‘90, 70m

TN, ‘85, 50m

Japan, ‘86, 80m

Seattle, WA. ‘93, 70m

London, 5-13-90, 90m

Boston, MA. 1-27-79, 85m

Love Mongers- Rockline live, 4.11.94, 50m

Heavens Edge- Brocton, MA. ‘92, 40m


Charlotte, NC. 3-10-95, 130m

Studio Outtakes, ‘91-94, 70m (c+, very bad quality. For major fans only)

Hurricane- Hollywood, Ca. 7-6-90, 80m

I Mother Earth-

Burbank, CA. 9-11-93, 45m

Tor, Can.10-25-94, 50m

Tor, Can. 1-6-94, 85m

Tor, Can. 2-29-92, 45m

Old Bridge, NJ. 9-3-94, 65m

Hampton, VA. 4-24-94, 50m

Iron Maiden-

B Sides & Rare, ‘88-90, 75m

Stockholm, Swe. 6-27-00

Jetboy- Demo ‘85-86, 35m

Journey- Houston, TX. ‘82, 60m

Steve Perry- Rockline, 7-18-94, 90m

Judas Priest- Osaka, Japan, ‘91, 80m

Fight (Rob Halford)- Tor, Can. ‘93, 85m

Kik Tracee- Demo, 20m

              Conversation w/ Kik Tracee

King Kobra- Detroit, mi. 4-8-85, 70m


Never Releaser, 45m

Rare & live, ‘70-89, 90m

Remixes, 10m

Music From the Elder Demo, 40m

“kiss” demo, 30m

Unreleased & Demos, vol I, 45m

Unreleased & Demos, vol II, 45m

Extras, 10m

Early Demos, 30m

NYC, 12-31-73, 35m

Destroyer Demo, 40m

Outtakes, Rehearsals, & Rare, ‘81-84, 90m

Dynasty Demo, 25m

NY 3-12-73, 45m

Stockholm, Swe. 5-8-76, 45m

Alive II Demo, 25m

Gene Simmons 15yrs. Int.,’88

Fri. Rock Show int. 1-7-92

Tom Snyder int. ‘79

Remixes, 45m

Budokhan, Tokyo 4.22.98, 70m

Fancy Fair, 80m

Unplugged, Ca. ‘95, 95m

Edinburgh, Scotland, 10-1-88, 90m

Edinburgh, Scotland, 10-2-88, 90m

Long Bch., CA. 5.31.79

SF, CA '77

Wicked Lester (pre-Kiss) Demo, ‘71, 30m

Ace Frehley- Rockline, ‘87, 20m

              Demo, ‘78, 10m

Peter Criss- CD 5 ep

              NYC, ‘92, 60m

Paul Stanley- New Haven, CT. ‘89, 80m

Gene Simmons- HBB int, ‘94, 15m

La Guns-

Bonus trks. 20m

Live Vampires, 45m

Demo, ‘86

Tokyo, ‘88, 80m

Filthy Lucre (post-LA Guns)- Tor, Can, ‘93, 65m


Arnhem, NL. 4-29-89,40m

Westminster, Ca. 7-29-89, 75m

Lillian Axe- Demos, ‘89-90, 80m

L7- live, 15m

Yngwie Malmsteen-

Stockholm, Swe. ‘81, 40m

Demos, ‘83, 45m

Demos, ‘83-84, 70m

Japan, ‘85, 75m

Leningrad live, ‘89, 80m

Marilyn Manson-

Demo, 20m

Seattle, WA. ‘95 & MTV News, ‘97

TX 1.14.95, 65m


Tor, Can. 11-16-92, 80m

NY, ‘94, 80m

Countdown to Extinction Demos, ‘91, 12m

Conjuring the Redhead, ‘93, 60m

Meliah Rage- Sampler, ‘94, 10m

Metal Collection, 90m: Stradivarius, Savatage Ray Gillen, Bad English, Whitesnake


No Life Til Leather Demo, 30m

Early Demos, ‘81-83, 75m

Detroit, MI. 11-25-88, 120m

Horsemen of the Apocalypse Demos & live, 45m

Killing Time Demo, ‘81, 15m

Master of Puppets Demo, 25m

Misfits- Ritz, NYC. ‘81, 35m

MOD- NYC, 3-7-87, 40m

Gary Moore- Marquee live, 70m

Motley Crue-

Rockers int., 5m

Hate Into Fire, 45m

Mick Mars int, ‘84, 20m

Edinburgh, scot.,’86, 75m

Rockline, ‘94, 90m

Generation Swine Premier, ‘97, 90m (b-)

Generation Swine (import), 60m

El Poco, Swe.,’80s, 30m

Osaka, Japan, ‘94, 100m

Raw trks. I, 40m

Raw trks. II, 20m

Quarternary, ‘93, 5sgs

Pasadena, Ca. ‘82, 45m

Wild Live Glam, 80m

KCS, KS. ‘91, 100m

In Studio, ‘93, 45m

US Fest, 5-29-83, 6sgs. & int.

Dr. Feelgood Demos & Sessions, 40m

Girls, Girls, Girls Release Party, 5-20-87, 60m

Quebec, Can. 10-19-85, 90m

Hooligan’s Holiday Remixes

Providence, RI. ‘87, 80m

Helter Skelter, 20m

Demos, History & Ints., 90m

TX. Int.,’94, 40m

Original Demo, ‘81, 20m

Too Fast For Love (Leathur), ‘81, 20m

Shout at the Devil Demo, 45m

Theatre of Pain Demo, ’85 25m

Reseda, Ca. 10-2-81, 55m

Sixx Tymes Cruel (m.o.r), 8-25-91

Speaking of the Devil ints., 20m

Demo, '90s, 3sgs.

London (Nikki)-

      Hollywood, Ca. ‘87, 40m

      Demo, 20m

      Non Stop Rock ep

Rock Candy (Vince)- Demo, ‘79, 20m

Vince Neil-

       Tor, Can. 5-1-93, 55m

       Wedding Show, ‘88, 15m

       Bonus trks., 20m

       Sister of Pain ep, 15m

Tommy & Pam Lee-Love Lines, 4-23-96, 90m

Nikki Sixx- 1958 demos, 7sgs.

Mr. Big- Tor, Can. ‘89, 80m

Stevie Nicks- HBO special, ‘80s, 50m

Nine Inch Nails- Demos & Remixes, 66m

Nirvana- Outcesticide II, 74m

Non-Fiction- Demo,20m

Ted Nugent- Hammersmith Ogden, ‘79


Punk Demo, 10m

Christmas on Speed EP, 30m

Ozzy Osborne- Salt Lk. Cty., UT.,3-18-84, 90m

Pantera- Live Fuckin’ Bootleg, Man, 60m

Long Island, NY. 8-9-94, 75m

Pearl Jam-

No Code, 60m

Demos & B sides, 60m


Fla. int. ‘86-89, 60m

Castle Donnington, Eng.8-18-90, 60m

Live ‘90, 90m

LWTCDI Demos, 45m

Original Demo, ‘85, 25m

Crack A Smile, 60m

Demos, ‘84-93, 45m

Pirate Radio ‘93, 20m

Bret vs. CC, ‘92, 40m

Unreleased, 2sgs.

Paris (Pre-Poison)- Old Forge, Pa. 7-25-85, 75m

Pretty Boy Floyd-

Lorrain, OH. 7-7-89, 45m

Demo, ‘88, 10m

Demo, ‘92, 45m

Doll (Pre-PBF)- Demo, ‘86, 6 sgs.

Lethal Lipstick (Kristy Krash)- Demo, ‘88, 4sgs.

Prince- Under the Cherry Moon Demo, 45m           

           B Sides,45m


Milan, ‘90, 100m

Milwaukee, WI. ‘89, 30m

Myth (Pre-Queensryche)- Demo, 10m

Raging Slab- Vab., Va.’93, 55m


Jealous Lover ep

TX, ‘86, 60m

Stargazer, 52m

Live & Video Mixes,70m

SA, TX. 50m

          Various, 56m

          Live Esberg Rock Fest, Swe. 5.31.97, 92m 


Demo, ‘80, 10m/ “ratt” ep/live ‘83, 15m

Kalamazoo, MI. ‘84, 45m

NY. 5-21-84, 40m

Rez- live 20yrs.

Roxx Gang-

Demo, ‘87, 10m

Demo, ‘93, 5sgs.

Runaways- Demos, 6sgs

Saigon Kick- Love is On the Way ep, 4sgs.

Savatage- Edge of Thorns Promo, 3sgs.

Scorpions- San Francisco, Ca. 2-7-91, 90m

Sisters of Mercy- London, 11-26-90, 110m

Skid Row-

Skid Row Demo, ‘88, 70m

In a Darken Room ep, 4sgs.

Slave to the Grind Demo ‘91, 50m

Kidd Wikkid (Bas Bach)-Demo, ‘83, 20m

Madame X- (Bas Bach)-Demo, ‘87, 40m

Slayer- Rockers int., ‘94, 12m

Sony Promo ep- John Norum, Giant, more.

Soundgarden- Europe, ‘92, 102m

Spread Eagle- Demo, ‘89, 20m

Stone temple Pilots- live, ‘95

Styx- Rock the Paradise Live, 80m

TSOL- Hit & Run ep, 5sgs.

Tuff- Demo, ‘92, 20m

Joe Lynn Turner-

Albany, NY. 12-28-95, 85m

Milwaukee, WI. ‘94, 55m

Type O Negative-

NYC, ‘91, 30m

Wichita, KS. 3-20-95 int, 3m

Warlock- Germany, ‘80s, 25m

Warrant- Dog Eat Dog Sessions, 56m


Demos, ‘79-82, 90m

Demo, ‘84, 15m

LA,CA. ‘92, 70m

Still Not Black Enough B Sides, 20m

Animal ep, 20m

Minn, ‘86, 40m

Sister(pre-WASP)- Demo, ‘79, 15m

Killer Kane (pre-WASP)- Demo ‘80, 15m


Hammersmith Odeon, ‘80s, 65m

Tokyo, 6-13-88, 65m

White Zombie- God of Thunder ep, 15m

Wildside- Milwaukee, WI. ‘93, 45m

Winger- NYC, ‘89, 40m

Wolfsbane- Belfast, ‘93, 50m

Vain- Demo, ‘86, 10m

Vixen- Early Demos, 20m