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Anita's Music Inc.

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Please write if you can copy any of these items!! I’ll trade. Thanx!

I’m looking for these:

Dark Shadows eps. 291-310, 321-330, 339-402, 413-422, 645-675, 736-745, 780-795, 848-877, 922-931, 992-1001, 1042-1051, 1227-1236 and final disc of MPI home video version

Tony Montana(of Great White)- solo cds

Mark /Marcie Free concerts  video

Dokken- Lido Bch, NY 7-10-95

King Kobra- Hollywood Trash

Joe Lynn Turner cds- Holy Man

        Challenge Them All

       Waiting For a Girl Like You

 Ewf & Billy Idol on Dick Clark’s New Yrs.’04

any anime

Footballers Wives season 4-5

Soul Taker (anime) dvds

Black Jack dvds (anime series English dub, 62eps)


Trade Rules
1.  If you contact me first, you send to me first.
2. Please use only new, brand name tapes/discs.
3. Please don't write on the lables. Use a separate piece of paper for details.
4. Please record all videos in SLP/EP, as I'll do the same.
5. Please ship Media Mail, as I will do the same.
6. For audios/CDs: Please give all song titles, or send scan of cd info, if possible.
7. Please be honest about all times and quality!